Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen’s sons meet for the first time virtually for Father’s Day: ‘Ben this is Wyatt Cooper, he’s gonna be your good buddy!’

These two longtime friends and New York City-based media stars have a lot to celebrate these days.

New fathers Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen took the opportunity on Sunday to introduce their children to one another during a virtual chat for Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live @Home edition.

Cooper, 53, and Cohen, 52, have a lot in common – not only did the two gay men become fathers around the same time (Cohen welcomed baby Benjamin in February of 2019, while Anderson had baby Wyatt this April), they themselves are also born a year minus a day apart from one another – Anderson on June 3, 1967, and Andy on June 2, 1968.

Andy cohen

And on the occasion of Father’s Day on Sunday, the fathers had a virtual visit with their children, with Andy enthusing, ‘Ben, this is Wyatt Cooper, he’s gonna be your good buddy!’

In the beginning of the snippet, Cohen – who is still sporting a healthy head of shaggy quarantine hair – observed, ‘Wyatt looks like a mini-you, Anderson!”

Cooper, in turn, remarked that the striped outfit his baby boy was wearing ‘looks like a bathing suit from the 1920s.’

Andy repeatedly told his son Benjamin Allen – who sported a mop top much like his dad – that Wyatt’s ‘gonna be your good buddy,’ saying ‘we’re gonna travel together’ and mentioning ‘Brazil’ as a potential option.

‘If you like him half as much as I like his daddy, you’re gonna be great friends,’ the Bravo star sweetly added.

For his part, Anderson is clearly besotted by his baby boy.

Source: Daily Mail

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