When you search how big the world is on Google, it will show you the answer and what are the relevant questions other people around the world had asked. The result is big and small. The world is big because of its size. It is small because we can know other people’s thoughts in just a click. Thanks to technology, our world is getting smaller and our lives are getting closer.

Breaking barriers in human interaction

Think about the last time you found your friend, is it done by Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or other technology platforms? Finding someone had been a difficult task before these technological breakthroughs. Since the invention of telephone, distance between people has become closer. Technologial advance in the past decade further made our world even smaller. We can interact with other friends who may be at the other side of the world through video call, attend meeting during quarantine periods via video conferencing and share thoughts with those whom you never meet. Physical distance is not longer a barrier in the world that is getting smaller.

Cultural fusion

Internet technology is capable of transferring millions of data in a millisecond. What is trending in other continents can goes viral in your community within hours. When the BTS just releases their new album, fans all over the world can enjoy the music at once. It removes the cultural barriers among teenagers who can have same idols, habits and interests. Our world had separated our lives by physical distance and different culture. But the sitiation is changing that cross cultures activites are the norm. Ot is normal that Americans enjoy Korean music while Asians are watching American TV series.

Lifestyle change

NBA and European football leagues are common favourite sport games of every boy around the world. Our lives are no longer bounded by our community. Everyone on the planet can have same hobbies, favourite foods, leisure activities and other daily routines. We can order Japanese cuisine by one click while getting prepared for the live sport game. Having a world of choices in designing our preferred lifestyle means the world is getting smaller.

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