Activities for families during COVID19 lockdown


It is clear that we are all in the same situation, locked up in our homes due to a virus epidemic. At first, it is pleasant for most, resting in comfortable homes, hanging out with families, but at some point, we will all get tired of this and there will be a lot of tension in the house.

Children are particularly affected by these bans because they get bored easily.

For this reason, we have decided to make a list of several activities that could serve you during these days, to you and also to your children.


Be creative

Draw, paint, play with clay, these activities will keep your children interested for a while and don’t be afraid of the mess, you have nothing else to do anyway.


face painting

Read with the kids

This can also involve fairy tales and learning, depending on age, except that it is useful It is fun too.


coronavirus lockdown

Play board games

We are sure that everyone in the house has at least one board game, take advantage of this condition for a little family competition.

board games

Camp in the living room

As kids, we all loved to make tents out of everything we find.

Your kids will surely like it too, make them a fortress or a tent of a couple of chairs and sheets and watch them be amazed.

camp in livingroom

Learn to make origami figures

This is a great skill for developing motor skills and creativity. Look for tutorials on the internet and of materials, you will only need paper and scissors



Play with lego dice

Needless to say, all kids love dice.


Take the treasure hunt

Make a map and hide in one part of the house a couple of sweets that the kids love, this will certainly be interesting and they will also learn to orient themselves better in the space.


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