COVID-19 on the rise

It is difficult to wage a battle against someone or something that you cannot see. I mean, how and where do we start? According to the World Health Organization, coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe acute respiratory syndrome that can cause death. The world literally is on a standstill because of this disease.

The rising number of Covid-19 infections has prompted governments from around the globe to order quarantines and lockdowns. Like it or not, may it be a hiccup or in a life-altering way, the events that occurred from this health crisis will affect our daily life.

I reached out to friends on a different platform and asked them how the coronavirus is affecting them on a daily basis. How life as they know it has changed. Below is a story from a single dad. Please like and share your stories of how this pandemic has changed your life.

How COVID-19 is affecting a single dad

I am a single father of a beautiful 8-year-old girl and I run several micro-businesses to make ends meet. I run a small street food business and a mobile service credit loading business. On a good day, we get a respectable amount of customers. But with the fear of catching a virus, people are staying hunkered down in their homes like turtles. I am also a driver-partner for one of the leading courier companies in the Philippines, but since most private offices are closed due to the lockdown, there is nothing for us to deliver but bad news. Twice a week, I also run a basketball camp that caters to children with special needs. Training sessions had to be cancelled since social distancing was advised to stop the spread of the virus.

The most upsetting part of all this chaos comes from the fact that my eight-year-old daughter doesn’t live with me. She stays with her mother most days of the week and I miss her every day. She gets to stay with me on weekends and we always have the grandest time. But fear of the virus has prompted her mother to keep my daughter in their house at least until the disease has been contained.

The Coronavirus or Covid19 or NCov, whatever you want to call it, has changed my daily life. An empty pocket may hurt, but nothing is more agonizing than an empty heart.

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