This valentines day has passed like a tornado! I cried all evening emotional tears. This is how I spent my day.I came home after a hard day at the office. We live together, and in the last period the bills had increased, so we had to work as much as we could, and we were always easily irritable.

valentine's lingerie

As soon as I opened the door I heard him scream my name. My bag fell from under my arm from exhaustion. That could not be good! I was mentally destroyed already.

valentine dinner

He comes running, holding something. He smiled at me and then blindfolded me. He led me to the kitchen across the corridor, then made me turn toward the living room, and sat me on the high stool he had placed in the middle of the room. He took off my bandage and… the house was shimmering with candles!

candle light

He was very sweet on this valentines day: On the laid table there were sparkling porcelain plates, red wine, roses and… in front of me the big screen of the TV with a DVD he prepared with all our best moments of our relationship, and many photos with beautiful phrases in the caption.

gourmet chocolate

Then he prepared dinner for me: heart-shaped ravioli, stuffed with porcini mushrooms (it’s the first time he cooked), then two more gifts!!! A heart-shaped keychain that we broke in half (one piece for each), and a heart-shaped heating pad (that was the thing I wanted).

What can I say, it was very exciting, I had never received so much attention! There is no instance on how I spent my day that could match that.

And to think that it takes so little for things to go wrong!

I was talking about valentines day just yesterday with a colleague of mine at work who spent his valentines day alone.
First, my colleague received a call after lunch from his ex-girlfriend asking him how he was doing. He undoubtedly has answered kindly, but as I recall how bad his story ended, surely he must not have liked that call on that day.
Later in the day, he had planned to go get ready for the evening, because he had organized an evening with friends to go to a disco. I remember too going to those nights in the clubs on valentines day when I was single.
But in the end, he did not feel like going (and no doubt it was because of the call he received, even though he told me he did not feel well), so he went back to the office to give availability for the next day, and then went home to eat a pizza all alone.

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