Living on a single income

It’s a fact that living on single income is hard. And if you have children to feed then it is even harder. For many, coming up with a strategy on how to save money is at the top of their priorities. Every penny matters and so, every penny is saved. Shopping for food is the most costly in most families’ budget, and single income households struggle to keep their pantries full. However, there are practical and helpful ways on saving for food costs.

Saving costs on food

One of the most effective ways of saving costs on food is to cook in big batches and then freezing them. Home cooked food can be easily stored in freezer and are cheaper than buying. These are better and healthier options than stocking up on ready-to-eat canned foods. By cooking big batches the food can be enjoyed more than once. It will be less work in the long run as the person or family can just reheat the food.

Cooked frozen food

Cooked frozen food with meat can last up to three months in the freezer. A good source of protein is chicken. It freezes well, can be added to any sauce and the recipes out there are endless. If it’s vegetarian food that is to be stored; tofu and beans are great substitutes for chicken and are just as filling. Just make sure to date each freezer bag, and move the ‘oldest’ dates up to the front so that you can easily find them and that they don’t go to waste. Many stores offer discounted food such as fruits and veggies that are close to their expiration date.

These food are still edible and can be added to any frozen meal. Saving money through food is an effective way that many are incorporating in their lives. And being creative with food can add some fun into meal preparation even if the options are limited.

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