Advantages and Disadvantages of social media

Each one of us has grown up listening to the quote, “Every coin has two sides”; however, I simply understood its real meaning when I get to learn about social media. Honestly speaking, today’s generation is so tuned by these gimmicks; their brains have been turned into mini control rooms of these social media platforms. On one side, they are turning out to be the best time-killers for many of us; but on the other hand, they are hijacking the minds of our young generations and forcing them to act accordingly, which can sometimes be awful. I mean it is wrong to directly claim that social media has doomed today’s generation, but we need to certainly review the overall advantages and disadvantages associated with this trending technology.

Read on further to understand how social media has been worth surfing so far

  • Enhance connectivity

No matter where you are located currently, you don’t feel away from your family, friends, partners, children; and the credit for the same should all go to social media. Apart from some of the well known and well-used social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest; everyday new channels are popping up that are claiming to increase connectivity, let you meet with your soul mate, find out a suitable job for you, and the list is endless.

disadvantages of social media

Whatever you are looking for, you will get for sure.

  • Real-time sharing of information

You are now having a facility of instantly sharing the information in a real-time manner to your friends and family; this may further help you to raise a voice, show common interest and have real-time discussions. These features are getting a lot of appreciation, for saving time and increasing connection.

Apart from some of the important advantages of social media specified herewith, some others can also be noted as:

  • Business expansion

  • Growth at professional levels

  • Improved level of interactions

So, let’s discuss the disadvantages of social media; which have been reported by some of the users. Accordingly, social media users.

  • Always tend to lack an emotional connection with the other person
  • Have decreased potential to communicate face to face, and are more comfortable on a virtual platform
  • Always tend to convey inauthentic information, which is generally not expressed with feeling
  • They are easily distracted by the status, pictures of people in their social networks.

How to address these disadvantages of social media should be our primary concern

Both the advantages as well as disadvantages of social media have been studied for decades now; in fact, various professionals have proposed some of the serious drawbacks associated with these channels that require our immediate attention. Experts have further suggested guiding children and teenagers to manage their social networking time can have a positive impact on their mental status. Most of them have also proposed that parents should take a lead in order to set an example in front of their children; this can be achieved by limiting the time devoted to these channels.

Some of the positive benefits of this social media detox can be:

  • Helpful in protecting your privacy
  • With the little break, you can easily be able to be away from the vicious comparison cycle
  • You will be able to get time to conquer yourself and increase your mood.



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