The New Normal – Zoom School

As the coronavirus made a huge impact on all of our lives, kids education is being affected as well. Cancelling schools all across the country, forcing many schools to move into distance learning. For some, this is not an issue but for others, online classes can be quite difficult to learn. As we have seen in the past month, covid19 has been spreading quickly and life is changing just as fast. Although this is a new environment some things can be positive.

online school

Getting kids into distance learning has many advantages and disadvantages. Covid19 forcing to close schools and open up this new type of learning, will affect future learning. As schools will see that many kids are capable of doing school from home. This could cause there to be no more snow days and make kids work from home. Whether you see this as a good thing or bad thing, it is something I see that will change. Some of the pros and cons of online classes can vary from student to student.


  • Able to pick what class to work on first.
  • Work on own time.
  • At home, can relax.
  • More freedom.


  • No visual learning.
  • Got to teach themselves.
  • Can’t have face to face conversations.

Although, some of these will depend on the student and their opinion. For the kids that need to be able to talk to teachers and have trouble teaching themselves, this will be hard on them. Even though some schools are moving into zoom, which is a video conference program. This makes it easier for teachers and students to have that real-life classroom feel but with online. This still could be hard on those kids that need to have that face to face option and be able to see it in person.

computer learning
Parents helping kids

There are a lot of ways parents can help their kids and make it easier for everyone. This is something new we are all going through so, taking it easy on the kids and help them learn this new learning type is important. Don’t yell and stress the kids out as they are doing their best to figure things out as well. Asking if they need help can be the simplest way to let them know you’re there for them. Another thing parents can do is inform their kids about the current situation in the world. Let them know why things are how they are but, don’t cause panic in them just let them know it will all be ok and back to normal soon.

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