Due to the world wide effect of deadly coronavirus almost every country of the world has declared complete lock down for a particular period of time. Although it is for safety of every citizen but it is very challenging for students too because of school lockdown. With this shutdown of schools and colleges, self-study is the best option for all the students. Here we will discuss some creative ways that will help you to study at home during the lockdown period.

study plans

Organize a Study Plan

Completely lockdown bounded kids at home for a long period of time, but this time can be utilize by making a study plan. Setting reminders, making timetables in such a manner that every subject and every topic can be covered. You have to assign time for a particular subject or topic according to your hold on the particular subject or topic.

Online Video Lectures and Classrooms


Study at home by yourself is a very great idea during the school lockdown but it is not a simple thing. In some topics we all need assistance in some form. For this problem internet is the best solution. You can learn from online video lectures or even classrooms that are available on different platforms over internet. You can also clear your doubts from video tutorials on you tube.

Participate in Online Quizzes and Mock Tests

It is very important to evaluate your learning for continuous improvement. Online quizzes and mock tests will make you know the areas or subjects where you need more practice. There are so many quizzes and mock tests available online to evaluate your progress.

online libraries

Online Libraries

When you choose to study at home, you need proper study material along with the available material. Sadly the physical libraries won’t be available due to coronavirus lockdown, you can switch to online libraries. Where you can buy or rent books through their premium monthly payment system.


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