Failure is a success if we learn something from it.

Failure is a success if we learn something from it. They say that smart learns from other’s mistakes and fools from their own. I will tell you a story about a situation where I failed, what I planned, and what I learned from it.

It all started as a perfect plan for Mom’s birthday. I arranged a place for my mom’s friends at a nearby cafe to wait for her, so I can bring her there. She didn’t know anything about it, she thought the two of us were just going to pay the bills to the city. Everything went according to the plan – everyone gathered in a cafe, mom was getting ready to go, and there was no doubt. In a desire for everything to be perfect, I was very quick, nervous, and excited. I rushed my mom so we wouldn’t be late, with the excuse that there would be traffic jams later in the city. I headed to the car for a bag which I had forgotten, my makeup was in it. While looking for a bag in the car I threw my keys in the seat, found makeup and closed the car door. The door is automatically locked together with the keys. As soon as I slammed the door, I figured out that the keys remained in the car seat. I suddenly start to cry and realized that I’m messing up. The weather was terrible, the days were rainy and full of bars, and taxi services were on strike. The surprise party failed, but we celebrated her birthday and it was the best birthday ever. I learned not to rush anymore, to be calm when I want to do something right, and that it might not be best to plan everything. Mom never found out the party was planned because she said it was her best birthday ever.

Please share some of your stories how a failure turned into success because you learned from it instead of dwelling in it and feeling sorry for yourself.

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