The government is advising citizens to stay home, due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Going to restaurants is not allowed and in many areas, food delivery is not available too. These conditions can be devastating if you’re a seasonal cooker in your house. But the good news is, there are amazing meal choices you can make with what you have in your pantry. Cooking is therapeutic and it will help in reducing anxiety on what’s happening with the Covid19 pandemic.

Tips for cooking from the pantry.

With a lock down, most people tend to stock up on staples that last long, for example, dried beans. When you’re stuck in the house you can make them in different ways as salads, cook them, or even have them in a soup.

food pantry

Another creative way is preparing batches of different meals. Beans and rice, for instance, can be made in different ways. This saves you time in meal prepping and you also have enough food stored in the fridge for a few days

dried beans

Making healthier choices is also important. You can try a one-bowl meal by incorporating fresh vegetables, grains, frozen protein and some dressing. This is a creative healthy meal that you can switch up any time.

Mostly when everything is working well, you might not have the time to try most recipes. During this Covid19 pandemic, try recipes of items you have in your pantry. It can be either baking or cooking. Put your skills to test and create amazing meals.

 Get kids involved

If you’re a parent getting your kids involved is a smart choice. According to studies kids always want to try food they helped in making. Hence, they’ll be able to eat whatever you have available.

kids cooking

Put your culinary arts skills to test and prepare many creative meals from your pantry. Relax and reduce stress with your cooking.


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