The Age of social media

Social media sites and dating apps such as Tinder, Instagram have made dating, relationships both casual and serious. Meeting a love interest seem as easy as the touch of a button.

TV ads and game shows make dating seem so instantaneous that it seems everyone is living in a romantic paradise somewhere but forgot to invite me.


However, there seems to be a large majority of single seekers who will get behind the statement that true love doesn’t exist in modern day and chivalry really is dead, but who killed it?

online or face to face

Social Media or Face-To-Face ?

Does social media take away from the love at first sight courting experience ?

The answer is both yes and no!

Mainly because not everyone has time to actively pursue a mate due to a busy career, furthering education, and a generally busy life schedule.

Another reason would be because of the phase the person is currently going through. Gentle romantic courting would be perfect for a reserved young business woman in a steady calm environment, whereas a college student would thrive both on Tinder and on campus, the ideal high paced environment where hookups and short term hangouts are seen as the norm.

It is no secret that women crave the feeling of being pursued, won over, and floored by expensive wine and a fancy restaurant the fancy stuff!

Believe it or not, many women would agree to not feeling as strong an attraction when both parties swipe right at just a few glances of an online profile as would a strong magnetic fatal attraction.

social media and dating

So Gentlemen, what are we to do? What side do we rally behind?

The face-to-face hello, nice to meet you?€

Love at first sight starry eyed approach, which sometimes requires an embarrassing public display of initial interest and desire, like meeting a beautiful woman across the cafe and having to clumsily rush over to say hello, yeah, like in movies?

Or do you feel your cell phone & the various dating / networking apps are actually misunderstood, and are not just for millennials and can be used to meet new romantic partners?

My answer would be both. Feel free to open the door for the girl of your dreams, tease a few romantic night out and boldly follow up with a Netflix.

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