What Happens When You Give Up Social Media?

Despite social media’s growing prevalence and permeation through our daily life, a lot of us have decided to quit social media entirely. Why would anyone come to this decision, you might ask? There are tons of things to do on social media, and needless to say, it has become quite a big part in our life.


Quitting social media is not something new, however. This phenomenon is actually called social media detox and there are actually good reasons how to quit social mediafor it. Right off the bat, detoxing social media is likely to result from some very negative experiences that users went through. It is only a familiar concept that anonymity runs amok on the internet and everyone can easily fake social media accounts and say whatever they want whether it’s meant to be authentic or not. Constant toxicity between gamers, streamers and social media addicts happen on a very regular basis and the self-righteous importance is unimaginable in some individuals. Insulting each other’s mothers has really been something ordinary when someone loses their cool, and conversations then fall apart. By understanding the true nature of social media, you can understand the reasons to quit are compelling enough.


So how to stop using social media?

you would need to come up with a huge list of activities to fill up the regular amount of time you would spend surfing the likes of Facebook. Especially, these activities should be things you would love to do. There’s a lot of things to do outside of social media, such as volunteer work, finding new hobbies, starting a new relationship. Find yourself a couple of favorite activities that do not require the use of social media and keep your hopes up. if you quit social media, the world still moves on and won’t care about you. Rather than considering it something important, think of it as a change of pace. You’re doing something different and for the greater good. Your personal values can totally be invested elsewhere that is worth your time. Arguing with a random stranger on the internet doesn’t go anywhere. The biggest challenge, however, is to resist the urge to fight the “detox” process as you can be tempted to log into your social media account anytime. But even then this just lies within your inner motivation. Once your motivation is strong enough, you will be determined to quit, set new routines to follow and let social media rest by itself.

Social media is not everything.

After the detox process is done, trees will still grow and time will still silently pass. People still live on and more social media fights will still happen. You can be whoever you want to be, and be in control of your own life. You are still yourself, so stay true to yourself. Being yourself is what you really need, rather than cloaking on a fake persona on the internet to win arguments.

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