For most of us, the decision to be fit is more of a test of willpower than an easy decision. Being “fit” means more than exercise or a new eating plan. If the corona virus lock down will continue for long while you are not in good shape, you can become very disabled or overweight because you are inactive and spend a lot of time watching TV and eating.

I think there are some common practices that we can all use to overcome the obstacles in each of these phases and become a better, healthier and fitter person, especially during this period of the Corona virus lock down.

start exercising

  1. Start

This could be the easiest of the three steps as we only have to choose to get in shape but we really have nothing to do. The most important things to remember here are:

Do it yourself: make sure you don’t give in to pressure from others.

Start with the end in your head – set goals and imagine what your body and health should reflect during the trip.

Choose the right program: The right fitness program for you is very important and depends on where the fitness begins.

  1. Stay motivated

Everyone is motivated from the start when they start a fitness program, but for many people, they quickly go away when they find that the process is more difficult than they thought.

Look for quick results: Be realistic, but you need to take a photo to succeed and keep going.

Read how fit you are – it is really great motivation as it shows you success stories and contains lots of ideas for achieving your goals.

Do what you can: take a break. You would be surprised if that would at least convince you to start.


  1. Maintain a lifestyle

This part may seem a little easier once you’ve achieved your goals, but the long-term approach to fitness should always be in the foreground.

In other words, find your fitness and find exercise and nutrition that satisfy you. What activities do you like or dislike at all? Running, walking, lifting, cycling, psychometric, weight training, Wii Fit, whatever.

Take up the challenge: After finding the exercises you like, don’t always settle for moderate exercises. You have to make an effort for various reasons. Not only does this keep your workout interesting, it also offers the benefits you need to improve your physical condition.


Hopefully, these tips on choosing a fit will help you define, achieve, and maintain your fitness goals. Like I said, it’s a tough road, but it’s worth it and it can be done with a little strategy. I hope that will help you on your journey

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