Taking a Break from Social Media

Social media is everywhere these days! Every person with a phone, computer or tablet has an account and there are so many options to choose from. There’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and the list goes on. But is social media a good thing? Should we take a step back from our internet personalities and step back into the real world?

social media detox

Taking a break from social media is a difficult thing to do. Social media helps us connect with our friends and people that we share interests with. It allows us to tell our story to the world. Our friends, family and celebrities we love all use it. So why would we want to take a break?

too much social media

Everything is public

Sometimes we forget that the stuff we post online can be seen by the entire world. Every picture we post on Instagram, every Tweet we write on Twitter, every status update we share on Facebook. It’s all out there for everyone to see and strangers are a part of our daily lives.

public lives on social media

Our lives have become so public that we feel like we can’t be ourselves anymore. The expectations are so high on social media that we’re always acting and always trying to prove that our life is 100% amazing. What we forget is that we’re human. Our lives aren’t 100% amazing. There’s fights and tears and sickness. It’s part of life. We also forget that all of those people who post their perfect lives on social media are also human. They also go through fights, they cry and they get sick.

Social media detox

Sometimes it’s important to just step away from your phone. Put down your tablet. Close your laptop. Go for a walk outside, visit a friend, play a game with your family and reconnect with the things you love to do that social media makes difficult because you no longer have time.

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