Every year, on February 14, we browse shops and book tables at fancy restaurants to show our love and appreciation for our significant other. We plan romantic activities days ahead to make sure that our love is clear and that our partner knows they are the most special person to us in the whole world. We buy them gifts such as flowers and chocolates to show them our devotion. However, Valentine’s Day is about more than just fancy gifts and grand gestures (although, these can be a part of it). For one to truly woo their partners, and make them feel special on this wonderful day, we need to understand the actual meaning behind the celebration.

meaning of valentines

So, what is the true meaning of this special day? Well, historically, it was created in Roman times. Romans had a celebration in the middle of February called Lupercalia. This was the beginning of their spring time. It is believed that men and women would draw a name from a box and that they would be boyfriend/girlfriend for the celebration. Sometimes, this temporary partnership would evolve into a life-long marriage. By the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I turned this celebration into Valentine’s Day. The modern idea of Valentine’s Day being a day for love and romance came about in the 14th century.

Are We Celebrating This Day Properly?

It’s important to not get too obsessed with grand gestures and expensive gift-giving. Historically, Valentine’s Day was never about buying the most expensive gifts or trying to impress our partners with money. Instead, it was simply a celebration of romance and fun. While the traditional roots of this celebration are often ignored, they can teach us a lot about how we should act on this day. We should make our partner feel special, and let them know just how much we love them. Buying gifts can be an important part expressing our love, but it’s not the only thing to consider. By spending the day with them and creating unforgettable memories together, you can make this Valentine’s Day one of the most romantic days of your life!

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