COVID-19: Working from home.

It is no secret that Covid 19 has the world in a fragile spot at the moment. Everyone is crooked up inside for weeks with no foreseeable end.

As of March 18 2020, most grocery stores, retail outlets and malls are currently undergoing complete lockdown, so both shopping and working from home seems like the only option.

Everyone likes the idea of working from home, while it may seem like the ultimate form of freedom, it often isn’t what it’s perked up to be.

Some people see working from home as the better alternative to a tedious dead-end 9-5 but are often sadly mistaken.

While it is true that working a regular job is often more trouble than it is worth! There are so many things that make a regular job less than pleasurable I.e transportation, availability, dealing with bratty customers e.t.c, working at home presents its own challenges as well.

No matter your occupation or chosen career field, working from the comfort of your bed easily outweighs standing on your feet for 8 hours in some crappy work shoes, but for people seriously considering working from home full time as an alternative I would highly advice giving it some serious thought beyond the pandemic we are currently experiencing, mostly because distractions come in many forms which can tremendously affect one’s ability to productively work from home.

The Many Forms Of Distractions

Can you imagine all the things that require your constant attention on a daily basis?

  • Gaming consoles.
  • Friends, family, and loved ones.
  • Parties, concerts, invites and abrupt social events.
  • The sound of a constantly ringing cell phone i.e. calls, text messages.
  • Pets roaming and needing constant love and attention.
  • Breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner — don’t forget snack breaks and coffee in-between.
  • Websites i.e social media, fashion blogs, that demand attention.


Disadvantages Of Isolation : Both Short Term & Long Term

  • Loneliness is often a negative emotion which leads to prolonged sadness and depression.
  • The more time spent inside, the less aware one becomes of social cues and interactions.
  • Nature, fresh air and sunshine are of utmost importance and the human mind and body simply can’t live without these blessings.
  • Isolation can make a person lose touch with their surroundings as well as a decrease in social skills.

Websites To Consider

Finally, If you’ve decided upon working from home as a viable option for you during these trying times, here are 5 companies to consider.

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